‘All the Big Banks’ On Wall Street Are Backing Biden Against Trump

Nwo Report

Wall Street donors favor Biden over Trump in 2020 election ...

Source:Niamh Harris

Joe Biden is raking in Wall Street cash from all the big banks at five times the rate of President Trump, according to a CNN report.

An analysis by CNN found that “all the big banks are backing Biden” against Trump, with Biden taking a larger margin of Wall Street donations than even Hillary Clinton did in 2016.

CNN reports: The securities and investment industry donated just $10.5 million to Trump’s presidential campaign and outside groups aligned with it, according to a new tally by OpenSecrets. It has sent nearly five times as much cash, $51.1 million, to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

That means Trump is losing the fundraising race among Wall Streeters by a slightly greater magnitude than in 2016. During that cycle, former New York Senator Hillary Clinton and groups aligned with her raised $88 million from the securities and investment industry, while Trump…

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By Sabastian Omondi

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