World famous Japanese designer Kenzo Takada dies from Covid-19

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Japanese-French fashion designer Kenzo Takada
Kenzo was known for his love of graphics and bright colours

The Japanese founder of popular fashion brand Kenzo has died aged 81, from complications linked to coronavirus, tributes have poured in from all across the world for Kenzo Takada who died at the American hospital in Paris Known for his bright graphics, jungle inspired prints and eclectic use of colour, he was the first Japanese designer to gain prominence on the Paris fashion scene.

He settled in France in the 1960s and spent the rest of his career there, with his “nearly 8,000 designs”, the Japanese designer “never stopped celebrating fashion and the art of living”, his spokesman said.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo paid tribute to him on Twitter, “Designer of immense talent, he had given colour and light their place in fashion. Paris is now mourning one of its sons.” Many Japanese Twitter users posted their condolences on the…

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By Sabastian Omondi

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